[Link Full Video 18+] Mewaram Jain Viral Video || Mewaram Jain Viral

[Link Full Video 18+] Mewaram Jain Viral Video || Mewaram Jain Viral

Mewaram Jain Viral Video || Mewaram Jain Viral. Former Rajasthan MLA Mevaram Jain has been suspended by the Congress party after a sex video purporting to involve him went viral on social media.

The suspension order of former MLA Mevaram Jain was issued by Congress state president Govind Singh Dotasara. The order further stated that Mengiram’s unethical actions made it clear that he had acted against the party’s Constitution.

“Mewaram Jain (former MLA, Barmer) has been suspended from the main membership of the Indian National Congress with immediate effect in view of his involvement in immoral activities which is an indication of the serious violation of the Constitution of the Congress Party,” said the letter issued by Dotasara.

Mevaram Jain has served as MLA from Barmer constituency along with Congress ticket three times. However, he lost in the final run-off to BJP rebel candidate Priyanka Choudhary. Apart from being a three-time MLA, he has also served as the chairman of Gau Seva Aayog.

This is not the first time Jain’s explicit photos have gone viral. Over a year ago, explicit images/CDs of Jains appeared on the internet. At that time, Jain had claimed that the next video had been fixed and he had filed the case at the Kotwali Police Station in Barmer.

Mewaram Jain Viral Video || Mewaram Jain Viral

Mevaram Jain is also in on nine men accused of raping a girl in Rajasthan. In December last year, a woman filed a case against him and eight more accused them of raping her and molesting her daughter who remained a teenager two years ago, PTI reported.

The case has been registered at Rajeev Gandhi Nagar Police Station in Jodhpur, police said. In her statement, the woman accused Mevaram Jain of raping an underage comrade and pressuring him to bring in other girls.

“She alleged that Jain had raped her since 2021, when a Ram Swaroop, who introduced her to Jain, had raped her for five years,” a PTI official said.

The woman said that she was linked together with MLA Barmer Jain in 2021. Since then she along with along with other accused Ram Swaroop consistently continuously raped her. They also abused his teenage daughter, raped one of his friends, and forced him to bring in another woman as well.

He also alleged that police officers and other defendants threatened him so as not to disclose further issues and also forced him to sign more than one blank document.

Mevaram Jain Viral Video Trending

Ram Swaroop had also filed suit in Barmer in November 2022 against five men, as well as two women, along with allegations of sexual harassment and charges amounting to 50 lakh. The police arrested the accused in this case.

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