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[Full Video] Upendra Singh Rawat Video Viral Mms

[Full Video] Upendra Singh Rawat Video Viral Mms

Upendra Singh Rawat Video Viral Mms– In the recent surge in DeepFace AI-generated content that is transforming public figures.

Political leader Upendra Singh Rawat, a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Parliament from Barabanki, found himself at the centre of the controversy.

A lewd video purporting to show Rawat in an inappropriate position along with a woman, circulated widely on social media.

The following Video came to prominence just a day after the BJP nominated him for the Barabanki seat in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections of 2024.

Upendra Singh Rawat Video Viral Mms

Rawat swiftly responded to the controversy on Monday, confirming via his official social media account that the video was the product of deepfake AI technology.

He pointed out that the following video was faked and had urged BJP national president JP Nadda to carry out an investigation into the case.

Rawat showed that he could prevent himself from participating in any elections throughout his public life until proven innocent.

In particular, he cited the filing of an FIR in connection with the following incident and emphasised that a thorough investigation could be carried out.

Upendra Singh Rawat Viral Video

The following manipulated Video depicts the Barabanki Upendra Singh Rawat parliamentary section in a compromising position along with a foreign woman, bringing about widespread condemnation and attracting the attention of opposition leaders.

Rawat, who addressed the case on his ‘X’ account, stated, “my edited Video is being made viral, generated by DeepFake AI technology, which I have submitted in particular first.

In this regard, I have expected the Honourable National President to investigate. I cannot run for any election in public life until I am proven innocent.”

Upendra Singh Rawat Mms

An FIR was formally filed by Rawat’s Special Secretary, Dinesh Chandra Rawat, stating the name of an unidentified accused at the Kotwali Police Station.

The following complaint outlines that people have spread an engineered video of the following part of Parliament along with the intent to result in damage to its reputation.

The release of the following obscene video coincides along with Rawat’s inclusion in the BJP’s list of candidates for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections towards the year 2024.

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